Radiolab: Oops - I Just Cut Down the Oldest Tree in the World

Radiolab: Oops, I just killed the oldest tree in the world

Radiolab: Oops - I Just Cut Down the Oldest Tree in the World

I have been listening to Radiolab non-stop lately.  I came across the show for the first time about a month ago, and I just can’t stop listening.  The topics are always interesting, and the production is incredible.  And it’s a great source for visual note taking – all you have is audio, so you can really focus in and listen.  Back in June 2010 they did an entire episode on “Oops” moments.  The longest segments of this episode discussed three topics: the first – a few stories of unintended consequences; the second – how good intentions can cause major damage; and the third…. dang it, what was the third… let’s see, we had the one, and then the other, and then… I guess I forgot… oops.

The sketch above depicts a story that can be heard in the first segment on unintended consequences. That segment tells the story of Don Currey, a scientist who ended up killing the oldest tree in the world.  If you are intrigued, then go listen to the whole segment.  Then come back and revisit the sketch above.

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