The Graphic Recorder - Doug Neill - Scott Kveton Talks with Portland State University's Entrepreneurship Club

Sketchnotes from Scott Kveton’s Talk with Portland State University’s Entrepreneurship Club

The Graphic Recorder - Doug Neill - Scott Kveton Talks with Portland State University's Entrepreneurship Club

Scott Kveton, the CEO and co-founder of Portland-based Urban Airship, gave a talk to Portland State University’s Entrepreneurship Club earlier this evening.  I attended the public lecture with two objectives in mind: 1) learn what Kveton has to say about entrepreneurship; and 2) see if my sketching skills are up to the task of live graphic recording.

Objective 1: Kveton on Entrepreneurship

The biggest take-away from the talk: hit the ground running.  More specifically, launch in 30 days or less.  If it takes you longer than that to get your startup off the ground, you’re probably doing something wrong.  And if you’ve got an itch, scratch it and see where it goes.  The first itch that I scratched: starting this website.  Since it went live (within 24 hours of having the idea), new itches come up every couple of weeks.  I’m scratching them as hard as I can.

Objective 2: Test of Live Graphic Recording Skills

I’m not yet where I want to be, but I do think I’m getting better at this whole graphic recording thing.  I’m okay with the imperfections in this sketch because I am trying to ditch the pursuit of perfection entirely.  What I enjoyed most about creating this sketch was incorporating so many logos –  it gave me the opportunity to practice a variety of styles.  The overall organization could definitely be improved, but that’s hard to get right when you’re creating on the fly.  For now, I’ll celebrate this minor success while I start scratching a new itch: live graphic recording of Portland events.  Know of any I should attend?  If so, hit me up! [; @TheGraphicRcrdr]

After listening to Kveton’s talk, I headed over to PSU’s Native American Student and Community Center for a seminar on conservation.  Check out my sketchnotes from that seminar.

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    I am a student at Lyndhurst High School taking an online virtual high school class of entrepreneurship. I am asking permission to use your graphic for one of my assignments for this week. -Thankyou

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