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Living Up To My Domain Name And Twitter Handle

Doug Neill Graphic Recording - Beaverton School District - future focus, community conversations about hope and excellence

It took me a little over a year, but I finally feel that I’ve lived up to my domain name and twitter handle.

This whole blog started as a hobby, something that I could pursue in my free time, something to encourage me to develop creative skills, something to get me writing and drawing on a regular basis. When I bought the domain and started this website, I didn’t even have a clear idea about what that term meant. Now, I am one.

A few weeks ago I had my first official, paid graphic recording gig. And it went great. I enjoyed the experience much more than I thought I would, and the folks that I was working for were happy with what I produced. And, more importantly, I was happy with what I produced.

It helped that the topic that I was recording was dear to my heart. I recorded one of the Community Conversations that are part of the Beaverton School District’s Future Focus initiative, in which they are working with the broader community to create a vision for where the district needs to go.

I am so passionate about education that sometimes I have to walk away from it just to breathe. I haven’t yet figured out my role in the education system, but I feel fortunate that my first graphic recorder gig was working with a school district to help them define their vision.

Sometimes I feel silly for having picked the domain name that I did.  Who am I to call myself ‘THE graphic recorder’? Granted, half of the reason that I started this site was the simple fact that the domain name was available. But sometimes I wish I would have just bought and used that from the start.

But other times, I think that having this domain name and twitter handle (@TheGraphicRcrdr) has kept me moving forward. I have often felt the need to live up to the name, and that feeling has pushed me through times of struggle. Now that I have successfully completed a graphic recording gig, I feel that I have summited a hill. Not the last hill on my journey, but a reason to celebrate nonetheless.

So I’m finally comfortable calling myself a graphic recorder. I don’t like to think of myself as the graphic recorder,  but I am a graphic recorder who is excited about improving his craft and owning it. Finally.


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  2. Nicely done. Remember that to many people you are THE graphic recorder. Most people are new to this idea and you are the only exposure that they get. You may just be feeling uncomfortable with a leadership role that is developing. Embrace it and keep moving forward. I hope the next thing we see is a videocast of you in action. I’m very curious about how you keep up with the conversation around you and how you manage to distill it.
    Recently I introduced the concept of force to a class of six graders. I started with “how many of you can draw a stick figure?” And went on to set up some force demos and have them diagram the objects and the forces. This was very positive and a direct result of the inspiring work you are doing.

    1. Post

      Hi Sarah,

      First of all, what a great introduction to force diagrams! I’m gonna remember that the next time I teach it. I’m so glad that my work helped spark that idea.

      Thanks for the kind and encouraging words. I’m happy that I have both the opportunity to expose others to the idea of graphic recording and the opportunity to learn from other, more experienced graphic recorders that I am starting to meet. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

      I hope that your teaching endeavors continue to go well! I’ll be down soon so we’ll have to meet up and catch up 🙂

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