Project Management Index Cards - The Sketchnote Skill Builder

The Sketchnote Skill Builder Update: The Pen-to-Paper Process

In a previous post I announced a new project – The Sketchnote Skill Builder. I wrote about how I have a set of activities in mind that will help you build the individual skills that, when combined, give you the tools to sketchnote with confidence.

Having those activities in mind doesn’t do me or anyone else any good, so it’s time to get them on paper. Here’s my simple process for doing that.

Each activity will take up a double-page spread in the Scout Books-style notebook I plan to use for production.

Each double-page spread will contain three components – a title illustration, text to describe the activity, and sketches to accompany/facilitate the activity. Here’s a sneak peak at one of the activities:

Title Illustration

Movie Night Title Illustration - The Sketchnote Skill Builder

Movie Night Title - The Sketchnote Skill Builder


Movie Night Text - The Sketchnote Skill Builder


Popcorn Bucket - The Sketchnote Skill Builder

Admit One Ticket - The Sketchnote Skill Builder

You’ll notice that right now these sketches are in different places in different notebooks. I will combine them after scanning them in and doing a bit of editing if need be. That’s when Sean McCabe’s course Digitizing Hand Lettering: From Sketch to Vector will come in handy.

That course starts on August 7th, and I would like to be done with the pen-to-paper work for all 15 activities by the time that course begins, which gives me about two weeks. I have come up with a low-tech solution to help me reach that goal. I have added each activity to an index card, with checkboxes for each of the three tasks that need to get done:

Project Management Index Cards - The Sketchnote Skill Builder

I am posting these on the wall of my home office so that I can easily check in each day and do the work needed to check off a few more boxes.

I love my gadgets, but there is something nice about laying out a set of index cards to visualize your work and help you get it done. What’s left now is to do that work!


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