The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Diane Ravitch interview sketchnotes - education - reign of terror - poverty - doug neill

Sketchnotes of Diane Ravitch Interview on The Daily Show

I’ve been thinking about education a lot lately. I got my teaching degree a few years ago, and spent a couple of years substitute teaching while I decided whether or not I wanted to enter that profession full time. For many reasons I decided not to. But I’m still trying to find ways to support learners both within the formal education system and outside of it. So when I saw that education historian and researcher Diane Ravitch was the guest on a recent episode of The Daily Show, I decided to sketch out what she had to say:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Diane Ravitch interview sketchnotes - education - reign of terror - poverty - doug neill

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Diane Ravitch interview sketchnotes - tests, public education, charter school movement, common core standards, standardized tests - Doug Neill

The two things that frustrate me the most about the education system in the U.S. is that we’re not doing a very good job of providing equal education opportunities for all learners and we’re not putting enough emphasis on helping kids lead passionate and fulfilling lives while helping others in some way. Instead, as Ravitch mentioned, we’re teaching kids to pick the right box instead of teaching them how to think outside of the box.

I don’t see myself returning to the world of formal education any time soon, but I’m not done exploring ways to help learners. That’s why I started a side project a few months back: Revolutionary Learning. I don’t expect to find the answers to all of the questions that I still have about how best to approach the topic of education in the 21st century, but I do hope to provide some useful resources for individuals who want to get the most out of their educational experiences.


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  1. I only watch The Daily Show occasionally, and although I’ve heard of Diane Ravitch, I have not investigated her stand on education. I really appreciate your sharing this sketchnote you did of her interview. I guess I’ll need to research some more, as I really agree with what she is saying. I am a middle school science educator, and the focus on testing is ridiculous. My goal is to train my students to be creative thinkers and problem solvers, but in the climate of today’s schools, it can be a challenge.

    1. Post

      Hi Janelle,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m in a similar boat regarding the work of Ravitch. She’s been around for a while, and from what I understand has had some interesting shifts in opinion over the years. I too agree with what she had to say in this interview, but am unfamiliar with her other work. Teachers are put in a tough position, especially those that want to teach kids to be creative thinkers and problem solvers (which by my estimation is about 95% of teachers). A challenge for sure, but as I’ll assume you’d agree, a challenge worth facing head on!

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