Sketchnotes of Chris Brogan Interview on The Accidental Creative: Staying Inspired

I’ve been on a podcast kick lately. I’m particularly enjoying Design Matters, Smart Passive Income, and The Accidental Creative. I’ve been so impressed with that last one that I decided to dig into the archives and start with the earliest episodes I could find, then work my way up from there. Todd Henry does a spectacular job as the host of that podcast, and each episode has been incredibly helpful as I figure out where I want to go with the creative career that is quickly emerging as a result of this site.

I often listen to The Accidental Creative while on a run or when in the car, but during the latest archived episode I was at my desk, so I decided to sketch it out. Here are a few of the ideas from Todd’s chat with Chris Brogan:

Accidental Creative Chris Brogan Sketchnotes (1) Web - Doug Neill - The Graphic Recorder - stay inspired, mind full of questions, you have to read a lot to write a lot


Accidental Creative Chris Brogan Sketchnotes (2) Web - Doug Neill - The Graphic Recorder - serendipity, how to chose projects, pay for inspiration, todd henry

This was my first sketchnote with a new notebook – a 9 x 6 inch spiral-bound notebook with a nice hard cover. It’s always fun to play around with a new form factor, and I like that it takes zero energy to keep this notebook open (unlike small Moleskine notebooks, which I also enjoy). I plan to use this new notebook while doing some live sketchnoting at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference this weekend, so soon I’ll be able to report how this notebook works in the field.

In these sketchnotes you can see my warm up process – writing the alphabet in a few different fonts plus some shapes to loosen up.

Of the ideas that I captured, my favorite is the metaphor of blogging as a campfire for folks to gather around. I’ve seen that effect on this blog as I’ve shared my experiments with sketchnoting and graphic recording, but I’d never thought about it in that way. The take away – do your best to provide some warmth for folks in a cold environment. That’s what I’m shooting for here, and I plan to build this fire up till it’s good and strong.


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