Developing A Visual Vocabulary On The Topic Of Education

Over at Verbal To Visual I recently suggested that folks interested in building their visual vocabulary should focus on one topic at a time.

The topic that I’m most interested in is education, so I decided to follow the steps in that blog post to build up a set of icons that I’ll be able to use when I’m sketchnoting things related to education.

Here’s the list of relevant words that I came up with:

School, student, teacher, classroom, computer, learn, read, write, think, study, test, goal, brain, math, science, social studies, language arts, foreign language, arts, physical education, parents, administrators, staff, subjects, pencil, paper, notebook, pen, ruler, calculator, book, video, discussion, chair, table, graduation, real world, work, socialize, history, listen, create, online, offline, emotion, technology, money, transportation, opportunity, privilege, race, class, expectations, bully, culture, diversity.

When you’re forced to come up with individual words about a particular topic, it’s interesting to note how the words that come to mind reflect the way you think about that topic (either at a conscious or subconscious level). I think that some of the last words that I came up with on my list are also some of the most important.

After brainstorming that list of words, the next step is to develop simple icons for some of those words. Here are the ones I decided to sketch out:

I also added those icons to my Visual Vocabulary Board on Pinterest.

Is there a subject that you’d like to develop a visual vocabulary for? Check out this post on Verbal To Visual to see the full set of steps.