The Verbal To VIsual Newsletter

A Merger Of Newsletters

The Verbal To VIsual Newsletter

Back in May I started a new website called Verbal To Visual with the goal of creating a space specifically for those who want to learn the skill of visual note taking. It has been fun to see that project evolve, and I’m excited for what’s to come.

When I began that project I set up a separate email newsletter because I wasn’t quite sure exactly how that project was going to interact with my longer-running blog here at The Graphic Recorder.

As it turns out, I enjoy running those two separate sites (still for these reasons), but I’ve decided it would make a lot more sense to have just one email newsletter. So later today I’ll be merging The Graphic Recorder Newsletter with The Verbal To Visual Newsletter – and since “verbal to visual” is a bit more all-encompassing, future newsletters will have the title “The Verbal To Visual Newsletter” and will come from

With just one weekly newsletter, you’ll get tips on developing the skill of visual note taking, stories of what others are doing with it, and some examples that I’ll be sharing from my own experience.

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