Sketchnotes of Seth Godin & Chase Jarvis Interview (30 Days of Genius)

Yesterday I sketchnoted live day two of Creative Live’s 30 Days of Genius series. I really enjoyed this interview between Chase Jarvis and Seth Godin, even (and maybe especially) the disparaging remarks about note-taking! Here are my sketchnotes of it:


It’s hard to pick out just a few of these ideas to reflect on because they ALL resonate with me. Many of them I’d heard from Seth before in other interviews, but one that was new is this idea of unlimited bowling. Nobody is stopping you from taking as many at-bats (mixed metaphor? close enough…) as you want.

So keep on bowling (or sketchnoting, or singing, or writing, or making videos, or whatever it is that you do), and get a little bit better ever few throws. Do that while learning to see the world as it truly is, and eventually you’ll be creating art that changes people, art that people will miss if you stop making it.

Above all, take action today. (And no, taking notes doesn’t count as taking action.)