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I’m passionate about ideas. I love coming across new ones, dissecting old ones, and combining a number of them together to see what happens. I also like to share with others those ideas that, in my eyes, can help to bring about positive change in individuals and communities.

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Not too long ago I discovered the joy of illustrating ideas – the process of drawing an idea out by hand with images, words, and diagrams both to analyze that idea in a visual (rather than just verbal) way and also to better remember that idea in the future. One name for that process is sketchnoting, and its popularity is growing, for good reason.

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The process of taking visual notes engages your brain in a more integrated way than text notes alone. For that reason sketchnoting is a great skill to pick up if you love learning as much as I do. If you are interested in developing this skill (and trust me, anyone can do it, even those of you who think you can’t draw!) then check out the resources that I am compiling and creating.

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I continue to post new sketchnotes of videos, books, or articles that I come across that have ideas that I want to remember.

Hope you enjoy learning along with me.

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