The Sketchnote Skill Builder Update: The First Complete Activity

I have just finished the first complete activity of many that will make up The Sketchnote Skill Builder! Check it out:

The Sketchnote Skill Builder - Movie Night - Doug Neill

This first activity has its origin in an experiment I wrote about a while back in which I took sketchnotes while watching a foreign language movie. It was a great way to practice both language and drawing skills, so I decided to incorporate it into this activity book.

I’m imagining that the rest of the activities will have a similar layout – a title illustration and instruction on the left, a few small sketches for fun, and lots of white space for you own drawing and writing.

All of the text and illustrations were drawn by hand with pen and paper, then scanned in and vectorized using the techniques I learned in Sean McCabe’s Skillshare course Digitizing Hand Lettering: From Sketch to Vector. It’s so much fun to have vector art of my own sketches to play around with – makes trying out new layouts and sizing options a breeze!

So far I’m liking the simplicity of including just one color in addition to black, and it’s looking like red will be that color. I played around with adding some color to the cover, and here’s how it looks so far:

The Sketchnote Skill Builder Cover - Doug Neill

I plan to keep tinkering around though as new ideas come to me. One activity down, many more to come!


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