Good for something, etsy, blue, illustration, sketchnote, henry david thoreau, doug neill

Adding a Touch of Color

I have intentionally approached my exploration of the creative arts conservatively. I like to start out keeping things simple. In the realm of sketchnotes and illustration, that meant sticking with simple Moleskine notebooks and a single color – just my trustworthy black Pentel EnerGel pen.

Well I’ve decided that I’ve spent enough time living in black and white – it’s time to add some color to my illustrations.

I’m starting with the illustrations that are already available in my Etsy shop. The beauty in digitizing your art is the facility with which you can play around with the way that art is presented. In this case I have selected portions of each of those illustrations and added some color (click on the image to be taken to its Etsy page):

Good for something, etsy, blue, illustration, sketchnote, henry david thoreau, doug neill

mindfulness, presence, illustration, sketchnote, orange, doug neill

listen to your thoughts, purple, illustration, sketchnote, mindfulness, doug neill

an ounce of action is worth a ton of theory, illustration, green, sketchnoted, quote, doug neill

screw aspiring, decide what to be and go be it, illustration, sketchnote, motivation, red, doug neill

Notice that I’m approaching the addition of color with simplicity as well – nothing crazy like multiple colors in one print (I don’t want to get ahead of myself, after all). Just one color in addition to black. But I am providing choices regarding which color to add – orange, blue, purple, green, or red. I’m really enjoying the brightness of the colors I’ve chosen, and I think they compliment the black well.

The initial prints of these illustrations (the black and white versions) were printed at Anders Printing – a great print shop in southeast Portland. But since that first printing I treated myself to my own high-quality printer so that I could do more experimenting and have the ability to print on demand. So these color illustrations are printed on premium matte paper using an Epson Stylus Photo R2000 printer. I’m digging how that paper really brings out both the color portions and the black portions of the illustrations.

If you’re interested in grabbing a print for yourself or for a friend, head on over to my Etsy site. Individual prints are $10, and you get to choose which color you want for each print!

I’m feeling a bit like that point in the movie Pleasantville when color is slowly added to the town. I’m still enjoying life in black and white at times, but life in color feels pretty darn good too.


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