The Multiple Hats Of The Solopreneur - The Fizzle Show Sketchnotes

Sketchnoting The Multiple Hats Of The Solopreneur

In these sketchnotes I have captured some of the ideas shared during a podcast conversation about the many hats worn by solopreneurs – a group that I consider myself to be a part of.

Source: The Fizzle Show Episode 62 – The Multiple Hats Of The Solopreneur

Materials: Scout Book + Pentel EnerGel 0.7 Pen

Purpose: To understand the topics discussed and apply them to my business.


The Multiple Hats Of The Solopreneur - The Fizzle Show Sketchnotes

The Multiple Hats Of The Solopreneur - The Fizzle Show Sketchnotes



I listened to this podcast episode while in Portland, Oregon, two days after the World Domination Summit ended and one day after a Fizzle-led workshop on finding and refining a business idea.

I’m currently building an independent business that helps people develop the skill of sketchnoting, and I know what it feels like to put on each of those hats discussed each and every day. Most of the time I feel like I’m constantly switching from one to another, without giving any of them the full time and attention they need.

This conversation makes me want to be a bit more intentional about how much time I spend with each hat on. Currently I do not keep track of that (how much time I spend on each hat), but I think I’d like to. I imagine that once I start measuring that it will become easier to notice when I’m spending too much time with one hat on and would do better to swap out for another hat.

Though during their conversation the Fizzle crew mention ‘care’ as one of the hats, I think heart is the thing you need to have no matter what hat you’re wearing (which I think is what Chase was getting at when he mentioned hammer, hands, head, and heart). I think it is with the heart turned on that you can keep in mind what (and whom) you’re doing the hustling for no matter what hat you’re wearing.

I liked using the Scout Book for these real-time notes. With those throw-em-in-your-back-pocket notebooks I’m much less precious about how the notes come out (especially compared to when I use a Moleskine notebook) so I think I’d like to continue using those Scoutbooks for future real-time work.


  • Make a full list of the hats needed for my own business.
  • Start tracking how much time I spend with each hat on.
  • Maintain heart and hustle no matter the hat.
  • Keep using Scout Books for real-time sketchnotes.


I’ve made a list of the hats that I wear while developing and building my business. Here’s that list:

  • CEO (big-picture planning)
  • Worker Bee (get shit done)
  • Evangelist (share your work)
  • Financial Planner (don’t go bankrupt)
  • Learner (gotta keep learning)
  • Email Responder (yep, this gets its own hat)

I’m using the app iTrackMyTime to collect data each day on how much time I spend wearing each hat. Here’s a summary of the first day that I tracked:

Performance Summary - Hats of the Solopreneur

Those proportions look about right to me. At some point I’ll likely need to spend more time in Evangelist mode, but I’m okay with the heavy focus on Worker Bee mode right now.

It will be interesting to see how these stats change over time. Stay tuned.

July 24, 2014 Update:

I have incorporated the ideas of multiple hats and tracking my time into some long-term goals I share in the mid-year update on my Year Of Conquering Resistance.


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