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The Sketchnote Skill Builder

The Sketchnote Skill Builder Cover, doug neill, sketchnoting, graphic recording, visual note taking

The world is a beautifully complex place. At times that complexity leaves us in awe. Other times it leaves us confused and frustrated.

No matter what role the complexity of life plays in your world right now, chances are you’d like a tool to help you wrangle that complexity and bring it down to a level that you can understand.

Sketchnoting is just such a tool.

Sketchnoting is a process of visual note taking in which you combine words with hand-sketched images to capture information in an organic, non-linear way that lights up the brain.

This process helps you IN THE MOMENT to understand those ideas in a deeper, more nuanced way. It also helps you to better remember those ideas IN THE FUTURE because of the way our brains latch on to visuals.

Maybe you’re already familiar with the benefits of sketchnoting. Maybe you’ve even picked up The Sketchnote Handbook, The Doodle Revolution, or Blah Blah Blah (all great books). If so you don’t need any more explanations about the benefits of this mode of thinking and note taking.

What you might need is practice.

And that’s what The Sketchnote Skill Builder provides: 100 activities for you to dig into and improve your skills. These 100 activities are not the boring worksheets you might remember from your school days. I have designed them to be not only engaging, but reusable. They are prompts for you to fill in with you own interests, purpose, and personality.

That ability to add your own personality to your note taking process is part of what makes sketchnoting so fun. But you might not yet know what the visual side of your personality looks like. This book will help you find it.

I’m busting my butt to get this book out into the world. Check out the updates below to see how it’s coming. Latest updates at the top.


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