When you transform a set of ideas from purely verbal in form to a combination of words and visuals, something special happens. You grasp complex ideas more quickly and you can recall those ideas more easily in the future. It’s the transformation of ideas into art that I have come to love, and that I offer to others as a service.

I take audio, video, and text-based information and create a visual summary that accurately represents the information and encourages the viewer to explore the ideas on the page. That visual summary can take the form of a video or a static sketch.

Here is a sampling of my work, and what others are saying about it:

“Doug Neill has been a solid partner of Burgerville inside our microsite project I have found him to be able to listen to our desires creatively and engage in a dialog which helped to deliver outstanding results.”

-Paul Ridlon, Burgerville, Vancouver WA

Illustrated TEDx Speaker Guide - Doug Neill

Read the story behind this illustrated guide (and grab a PDF version of it) at the TEDxConcordiaUPortland website.


“Meeting Doug was a wonderful case of serendipity and we knew from the first time we met to talk about potential collaborations that we would have many ways we could work together. Working with him on the time-lapse speaker introduction sketches for our TEDx event was tremendously fun and rewarding and we have heard really positive feedback from both the speakers and the attendees about the custom touch it added to the event. I look forward to working with Doug on many future projects!”

-Michelle Jones, Professor at Concordia University and Lead Organizer of TEDxConcordiaUPortland

Sketchnotes of Maria Popova Interview on Design Matters with Debbie Millman - Doug Neill - the graphic recorder - work vs. vocation, the curious octopus, creativity is recombination, combinatorial recombination, the curator's code, pattern recognition

This made my heart sing: Lovely sketchnotes of my conversation with @debbiemillman on creativity, purpose, and work

— Maria Popova (@brainpicker) March 5, 2013

Doug Neill Graphic Recording - Beaverton School District - future focus, community conversations about hope and excellence

“Doug Neill did a wonderful job for us graphically bringing to life discussions with Beaverton School District parents. Doug is insightful, a quick study, and a talented illustrator who listens well. We were very pleased with his work and plan to work with him again.”

-Lee Weinstein, President, Weinsten PR

Alan Rabinowitz Sketchnotes

“Remember taking notes while listening to teachers, speakers, professors, et al at university or for on-the-job training classes? Well, I do. At best, my notes were a punctilious outline, as stale as that extra challah sitting on the icy snow pack in my front yard waiting for birds to peck at it or, more commonly, a jumbled mess of chicken scratches and sloppy penmanship jumbled with arrows, circles, and underlines. Doug Neill, a self-professed sketchnoter from Portland, Oregon, showed me a new way forward for visualizing our own work at On Being.”

-Trent Gilliss, Senior Editor, On Being

If you would like to chat about working together to produce an engaging sketch or video, please send me an email: I’m looking forward to chatting with you.

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